Sonntag, 24. Juni 2012

Zum Nachdenken: Shane Claiborne und John M. Perkins über die Demut des Änderns der eigenen Meinung

"I change my mind. I've changed it in the process of making a decision or during a project when I've received more information. Sometimes people don't like that… they call it ,flip-flopping.' Some people, once they have received a direction or opinion, want it to be written in stone, like the tablets Moses got from God. But most of life does not work that way. 


That's not a sign of weakness, but of strength. Being willing to change and confessing when you are wrong are not only characteristics of good leadership but are also gospel values… and they are very countercultural as well. […] [O]ur culture tends to beat up on people who change their mind (calling the flip-flop a mistake) and on those who really do make mistakes. No wonder no one wants to appear as if we have changed our mind, yet alone come clean."

- Shane Claiborne/John M. Perkins: Follow me to Freedom. Leading and Following as an Ordinary Radical, Ventura/CA: Regal, 2009, 208.

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